Q: What’s the best way to select a pay site?

Sir Rodney, not surprisingly, believes that you should start your search on Sir Rodney’s own site. He, along with his merry gnomes, really do spend a great deal of time and effort filtering out the garbage to bring you reviews of the best sites available on the Web. Beyond that, the only way that you can tell whether a site is any good is by checking out the tour, viewing and/or downloading the “free” content, and then, if the site floats your boat, sign up for a trial membership.

Q: How can I get the best deal?

Always look for a trial membership. This allows you to understand what's on the site and what kind of additional material is likely to be posted. If the content doesn't really interest you or the site isn't updating frequently enough, then simply cancel. If you really enjoy the material on the site, and it has some features that you like (e.g. a bulletin board with a lot of action on it), then you may want to keep your monthly subscription. If the web site is something that you only enjoy once in a while, you might want to cancel your trial and then wait a few months before signing up for another trial. However, note that some webmasters disallow multiple trial memberships for the same customers. While that could seem annoying, its yet another example of the safety of your credit card with this industry, multiple sign-ups being a sign of potential credit card fraud. Either way, if you go the trial membership route, practice self-discipline and cancel your subscription if the site doesn’t fill your fancy. Most sites roll trials into monthly subscriptions automatically, and as the venerable Lord Rodney used to say “’Surprise’ can mean paradise or penicillin, depending on where you put your pecker last week”.

Q: Do all sites offer trial membership?

Most, but not all, porn sites offer one to five day memberships for five dollars or less. Often the trial membership is not offered until the user bails from the order page. It’s a classic rug merchant technique. This pop-up offer is the Internet equivalent of being grabbed by the arm. “Wait don’t go!” the Webmaster says, “Don’t go. For you, I have a better deal.” Now, there are a handful of sites that do not offer trial memberships (cheeky of them, isn’t it?!) which Sir Rodney will note in the reviews. Sir Rodney may be horny but he’s not desperate. He won’t spend $ 39.95 to check out a collection of porn, and neither should you.

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