Q: So much porn is free on the Internet, why would I ever pay for it?

Sir Rodney has been searching the web for this mythic free porn cornucopia for the past decade and is fairly certain it doesn’t exist. Our extensive experience over the years suggests that searching for real, free porn on the web is like searching for El Dorado. If you are foolish enough to doubt us, we invite you to begin your quest at your favorite search engine. However, we strongly advise you not to undertake this quest without a powerful pop-up blocker.

That said, we offer some modest, pop up free galleries from our favorite sites. We do this to delight our visitors, and also to entice you to try one of these highly rated sites, if only on a trial basis.

In addition, Sir Rodney is delighted to report that a number of optimistic pay sites are now so confident you’ll love their content, they are prepared to offer a free trial period to anyone with a valid credit card. The card will be charged, per the site’s terms and conditions, if the subscriber doesn’t cancel before the trial expires. These offers are 100% bona fide (we tried them all). So, today, yesyesyes!, my fellow voyeur, YES! there is FREE pop up free porn on the web. We advise you hurry as these webmasters are likely to shortly come to their senses ;). Click here to see our list of free XXX trials. However, Sir Rodney believes that this is the exception that proves the rule. Most “free ”sites, “directory” sites, and “review” sites are a total waste of time. Here’s why:

    1. The content is generally low quality and second rate and not worth the bother to view or download. The same is true of the "ratings" on directory sites which, unlike Sir Rodney's unbiased ratings, are generally created by webmasters to promote their own and affiliated pay networks.

    2. Even the best of these sites inevitably spawn dozens of annoying pop-up ads and pop-up directories, most of which send you to yet more “free” sites, with more pop-ups, and more “free” links, until your machine runs out of memory. Note that while Sir Rodney tries his best to link to sites in ways that would avoid this barrage of annoyances, he has no control over your pop-up experiences once you leave his spam-free pages.

    3. These sites often request an e-mail address so that you can be sent “free” porn or passwords for “free” porn sites. If you comply, you will immediately be the proud recipient of hundreds of dopey e-mail messages advertising everything from penis enlargement to discount mortgages.

    4. Following links from such sites can end up displaying content on your computer that might be illegal, such as child pornography.

In short, free porn isn’t worth the pixels it’s printed on. The primary reason that Sir Rodney launched this site is to bring some order to the chaos that is online porn. By using his reviews as your guide to what’s hot (and what’s “snot”) on the Web, you can bypass all the pop-up folderol and get right down to the proverbial “good stuff.” As Sir Rondey’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “Ya get what ya pay for, kid.”

Q: What about file sharing sites?

File sharing sites, where fellow porn consumers share the content that they’ve downloaded, are outright dangerous. Yes, you can get good content from such sites, but at what price? File sharing sites are infamous for inserting viruses into your system, especially “scum-ware” which generates extra pop-ups every time you call up a new web site. Worse, file sharing sites are an open door to being hacked. Do you really want some greedy, degenerate nerd in Kreplachistan traipsing through your files? Looking for your credit card info? Checking out those digitized nude photos of your significant other? Do yourself a favor, my friend, and use Sir Rodney as your gateway – and then buy a membership to receive the porn that you want. You’ll come out ahead in the long run.

Q: What’s with all these annoying pop-ups?

Porn webmasters do pop-up marketing because of the incremental subscriptions and referral fees it generates. In some cases, porn webmasters, hoping for more money, go crazy and connect users to multiple pop-ups, which generate yet more pop-ups, eventually filling your screen with windows. Sometimes the pop-ups windows are positioned so that they’re difficult to close. On other occasions, the pop-ups ask you if you’d like to download software that will load yet more pop-ups. In extreme cases, you can get end up in “pop-up hell” where each pop-up will automatically call additional pop-ups. This can actually hang your system. The good news is that consumers clever enough to let us guide them to the best content and the best deals will generally never see these offensive pop-ups. The trouble begins when you attempt to back out of porn pay site without becoming a member, activating yet another annoyance, the “exit” pop-ups.While Sir Rodney strives to point sites in ways that avoid the spawning of pop-ups like so many mushrooms on moist cow manure, he alas has little control over your experience beyond these spam-less pages. With few exceptions you will see pop-up marketing tactics on every site Sir Rodney’s Guide reviews, unless denoted with the following symbol on Sir Rodney’s review pages:

Believe it or not, much of the traffic and therefore revenue generated by porn sites comes from consumers clicking on pop-ups. If, by some miracle, users stopped clicking, these offensive pop-ups would eventually disappear. As Sir Rodney’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “It’ll stop bleedin’ if you stop pickin’ at it.”

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