Q: What’s with all these annoying pop-ups?

Porn webmasters do pop-up marketing because of the incremental subscriptions and referral fees they generate. In some cases, porn webmasters, hungry for more money, go crazy and connect users to multiple pop-ups, which generate yet more pop-ups, eventually filling your screen with windows. Sometimes the pop-ups windows are positioned so that they’re difficult to close. On other occasions, the pop-ups ask you if you’d like to download software that will load yet more pop-ups. In extreme cases, you can get end up in “pop-up hell” where each pop-up will automatically call additional pop-ups. This can actually hang your system. The good news is that consumers clever enough to let us guide them to the best content and the best deals will generally never see these offensive pop-ups. The trouble begins when you attempt to back out of porn pay site without becoming a member. This action activates “exit” pop-ups. Sadly, with few exceptions, you will see pop-ups on every site Sir Rodney’s Guide reviews, unless noted with the following symbol:

Believe it or not, much of the traffic and therefore revenue generated by porn sites comes from consumers clicking on pop-ups. If, by some miracle, users stopped clicking, these offensive pop-ups would eventually disappear. As Sir Rodney’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “It’ll stop bleedin’ if you stop pickin’ at it.”

Q: What can I do about pop-ups?

If you find yourself in “popup hell” the only thing to do is to turn off your modem (or disconnect from the Internet) and then close all the windows one after the other. You can also hit “control-alt-del” and close the browser windows one after the other. Long term, Sir Rodney recommends that you stay away from “free” sites, directory sites, and “top 50” sites, all of which are notorious for loading pop-ups. If are you are still plagued with pop-ups, then Sir Rodney recommends that you purchase popup blocking software such as StopZilla. America Online recently added popup blocking software to its easy-to-use interface, which may convince some offenders to stop generating so many of the annoying advertisements.

Q: What the deal with tours?

A: Porn webmasters spend a great deal of time and effort building “tours,” which are online advertising brochures for the content that’s supposedly contained inside the pay site. However, Sir Rodney feels that he must point that the operating philosophy for porn site tours, in general, is not “what you see is what you get” but rather “what you see is the absolutely the cream of the stuff on the pay site and the rest of the content is not really up to snuff” or even “what you see bears absolutely no relation to the content but is intended to fool you into buying a membership by promising you whatever the webmaster thinks will cause you to pull out your credit card.” That having been said, there are some ways to tell from the tour if a site is any good. Despite the occasional bait-and-switch, very high-quality tour content generally means that there is at least some high quality content in the paid area. Another good sign is if the tour has evidence of frequent updating, such as a list of new content and the dates it was added to the site. Well-managed non-fetish porn sites update daily or (at least) every three days; top quality fetish sites somewhat less frequently.

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