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Online Porn Review Sites:
These sites also review adult web sites, just not as well as Sir Rodney
Adult DVD Sites:
Over 30,000 adult DVDs are released every year. These tireless critics try to make sense of it.
Adult Webmaster Events Around the Globe:
Adult Industry Gatherings offer instructional seminars and networking opportunities in exciting locales around the world. Great resources for veteran and newer webmasters alike.
Webmaster Resources:
Adult Boards offer the latest news and tips to veteran and aspiring adult webmasters alike. These online communities are a critical resource for anyone starting an adult site.
Porn News and Organizations:
Heres a list of porn industry news sites, as well as organizations that support adult webmasters. Of particular interest should be ASACP, the porn industry═s own watchdog (spare me the saw about the fox and the hen house), and OPRA, the Online Porn Reviewers Association.
Pssst...wanna make some cash?:
Wanna work in the porn biz? These sites, called "affiliate programs, offer honest deals and generous payouts.
Top Porn Blogs:
Sir Rodney reads blogs to keep in touch with the porn industry.
Books about Porn:
Porn biz books with signs of life. Read these when you're not reading Sir Rodney.com.
Articles about the Porn Industry:
Wow, the mainstream media knows about porn. These articles and features are informative.
Adult Link Lists and Directories:
Adult directories, link lists, and sites that we like. Occasionally we find new sites here.
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