Q: Do you review all the sites personally?

Sir Rodney is wise enough to know his own limitations. Lacking the prerequisite sense of aesthetics, he would never presume to comment on the content of, for example, a site intended primarily for gay men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) Similarly, there are some sexual fetishes which cause Sir Rodney’s eyebrows to curl upwards in alarm. To review such sites, Sir Rodney employs specialists – he calls them his “merry gnomes” -- who have a personal interest in such matters. With their help, Sir Rodney manages to cover all the flavors of what’s available on the web, from plain old vanilla to mint-cream-pistachio covered in Jimmies.

Q: What kind of sites don’t you review?

Sir Rodney is a family man, and absolutely draws the line at underage models, child pornography, and real violence of any kind, including real or simulated coercion. Sites of this kind will not be included in the guide. In addition, Sir Rodney believes that having sex with animals is cruel to the animals involved, so those sites won’t be covered either. As Sir Rodney’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “For cryin’ out loud, leave the freakin’ sheep alone!”

Q: What about member reviews?

In the near future, Sir Rodney will offer both member posts and member reviews as a regular feature. Until then, Sir Rodney will be happy to post any comments that are e-mailed to us. His personal e-mail address is SirRodney@sirrodney.com. If you want your comments posted, just give Sir Rodney your permission in the body of the e-mail. Don’t worry… he won’t post your e-mail address or any other identifying information. Ever since his mother discovered the hidden stack of Playboys under his bed, Sir Rodney has been a BIG proponent of privacy when it comes to porn.

Q: How do the reviews work?

The process is simple. Sir Rodney (or one of his “merry gnomes”) anonymously signs on to an adult site under a trial membership, carefully examines and evaluates the contents, rating such things as the amount and quality of video content, the amount and quality of photographic content, the overall design of the site and its ease-of-use, and any special features that the site might contain. Overall, the process can take anywhere from half an hour to as much as an entire day, should Sir Rodney find the content of the site in question to be particularly diverting. As Sir Rodney’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “Hey, it’s a hard job, kid, but somebody has to do it.”

Q: Are the reviews unbiased?

Sir Rodney reviews web sites based entirely upon his own opinion, without regard for any blandishments and bribes that adult webmasters might offer him. He is entirely committed to keeping these reviews as a gold standard of reliability in an all too wicked world. Even if an adult webmaster, hoping to gain his good opinion, should send twin porn starlets to wait upon Sir Rodney hand and foot, he would not blench from his duty to provide you with an unbiased opinion. Even were the twin porn starlets dressed like Britney Spears in her first video, he would remain as unmovable as a two-ton statue of a dead dog. Even should the two porn starlets – did we mention that they’re twins? – demonstrate the technique known as “the double-venus tongue-spangle” and then ask Sir Rodney to join them for an impromptu game of “Puss, Puss, where is the salami?” he would still refuse to be influenced. Seriously, the whole point of this site is to provide you with a reliable source of reliable data about porn sites. Sir Rodney is well aware that his readers are smart enough to know when they’re being sold a bill of goods.

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