Q: How can I avoid credit card fraud?

There are several ways you can keep your credit card from being the target of online fraud. Here are the basic rules:

    1. Never send your credit card information to anybody using e-mail. E-mail is transmitted through public data channels and can be viewed by anybody who happens to have access to the servers through which the e-mail message travels on the way to its ultimate destination.

    2. Never enter your credit card information on a web page that doesn’t have a locked padlock icon on the border of the browser. The locked padlock means that the page is secure and that your credit card data will be encrypted when its sent across the web, so that nobody other than the recipient will be able to retrieve it.

    3. Never give your credit card as a form of identification. Some sites claim that they’ll give you access if you can prove that you’re an adult by giving them a credit card number, but promising not to run a charge. This is a scam. The only reason that anyone would ever ask for your credit card is so that they can extract money from you.

Q: Why do some sites want me to download special software? Is this safe?

A: Some porn sites will ask you whether you want special software that will allow you access (often labeled as “free”) if you will download it on your system. If you are a complete idiot, hit “yes” and (at best) you’ll find the your system now displays five porn popups every time you try to browse any Web page anywhere or (at worst) your system will now contain a computer virus which will try to capture credit card information and other data so that you can go through the nightmare known as identify theft. Never, never, never, never download any software unless you are 100% percent certain about what you are downloading. As Sir Rodney’s sainted grandfather, Lord Rodney, once said: “Hey, don’t touch dat thing! Ya don’t know where it’s been!”

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